Blue Grass Boogiemen, Mokum Folk, 20 januari 2019

Robert-Jan Kanis (zang-gitaar)
Arnold Lasseur (zang-mandoline-gitaar-viool-dobro)
Aart Schroevers (zang-contrabas)
Bart van Strien (zang-banjo-mondharmonica-viool)

[voor de pauze]

A01 Shenandoah breakdown (Bill Monroe)
A03 Six More Miles (To the Graveyard) (Hank Williams)
A04 I Still Miss Someone (Johnny & Roy Cash)
pagina 1

A05 Cotton-eyed Joe (Traditional)
A06 Uncle Jack (Arnold Lasseur)
A07 Are you Missing Me (Louvin Brothers)
pagina 2

A08 It’s too bad it’s too good to be true (Arnold Lasseur)
A09 Lost John Boogie (Delmore Brothers)
A10 White House blues (Leadbelly)
pagina 3

A11 True loving woman (King)
A12 Return to Sender (Winfield Scott & Otis Blackwell)
A13 Hey hey bartender (Betty Sue Perry)
pagina 4

[na de pauze]

B01 Banjo boy chimes (Sonny Osborne)
B02 Forgetting about you (Arnold Lasseur)
B03 There You Go (Johnny Cash)
pagina 5

B04 The long black veil (Dill/ Wilkin)
B05 Up On Cripple Creek (The Band)
B06 I’m Lost, I’ll Never Find The Way (The Stanley Brothers)
pagina 6

B07 Honey you don’t know my mind (Jimmie Skinner)
B08 Another man done gone (Traditional)
B09 She’s Gone Gone Gone (Harlan Howard)
pagina 7

B10 Old Joe Clark (Traditional)
B11 I’ll be there (Rusty Gabbard)
B12 Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Earl Scruggs)
pagina 8

B13 When your house is not a home (Roger Miller)
B14 Fox on the run (Tony Hazzard)
B15 Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse)
pagina 9